Pick loads of berries from around your campsite – mostly ripe blueberries, but also a few cranberries. Find an old pickle jar near the campsite and cram them in. Bring them back to your campfire. Pick out the leaves and stems. Chuck the whole lot in a pot. Mash them up a bit. Add 30 cubes of sugar. All those sugar cubes you brought along so you could share tea with the local nomads. Boil on a campfire until you smell the sweetness of the jam. Scoff as much as you can. Save the rest in a Nalgene bottle to eat on the trail, or to share with the families who invite you inside their yurts.


I grew up near the most beautiful coastline in the world. We had different beaches for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing or just relaxing. And usually we had the whole beach to ourselves. If there was someone else within shouting distance we complained about the influx of tourists. So I always knew I was spoilt, and wherever I travelled the beaches wouldn’t measure up. But this challenge has proven me wrong. I found so many photos of amazing and beautiful beaches from other places. I’ve broken my own rule of no more than 3-4 photos per post but I’m in love with all these beaches. Which ones would you choose?








We just started out on a day hike up to the Acropolis in Tassie. Paul forgot something, maybe bug spray, and went back for it. I was just waiting there in the quiet of the forest and I took this photo. I like how it turned out.

We hiked Sarek National Park in Sweden. It was memorable for exciting river crossings, caribou herds, endless valleys and vicious mosquitoes. I think there was a lost bug spray moment on that hike too. Near the end, there was a river with a bridge. And a name, but don’t ask me to say it.