After being home to Singapore’s football team and hosting many other events such as the South East Asia Games, the Singapore National Stadium was demolished to make way for a newer upgraded version. As a way of commemorating the stadium, a competition was held, called “bench”, inviting designs for benches using wooden seating planks from the old stadium. How cool!

I went to the Singapore City Gallery to take a look.


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When we lived in Shanghai, change was always around us. If we left the city for a few days, we would come back to something new – another restaurant in our street, a building where a carpark used to be, all the houses repainted by the local government.

Day and night, The Bund was crowded with people. I could feel the energy of individuals on their way somewhere as fast as possible.


People’s lives spilled out into the alleyways.


The Hangzhou Bay Bridge reduced the driving distance between Shanghai and Ningbo by an hour and a half. At 37km long, its the longest ocean crossing bridge in the world and apparently an impressive engineering achievement.


When visiting Xiamen, we watched couples jostle for the best spots for their wedding photos.